Alternative Dispute Resolution

The vast majority of cases settle.  Many settle too late, and many settlements leave one or more parties unhappy with the legal system.  Skilled ADR professionals can help parties settle their differences in a timely and effective manner.  Bryant Miller Olive provides the full range of ADR services.  The ADR group is chaired by Clayton D. Simmons, the former Chief Judge of Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit Court.  Our ADR professionals are certified by the Supreme Court of Florida in circuit civil mediation, and by the American Arbitration Association in arbitration.  ADR services are available in the following areas:

  • Court Appointed Circuit Civil Matters
  • Court Appointed Federal Civil Matters
  • Private Party Family Law Matters
  • Court Appointed Special Magistrates
  • Court Appointed Arbitrators
  • American Arbitration Association Arbitrations
  • Private Party mediations in all types of cases
  • Hearing officer for forfeiture matters

Full biographies of our ADR professionals are available by clicking on their names to the left.  Additional ADR-specific information appears below.

Clayton D. Simmons became a Supreme Court certified mediator in 1998 when he was a civil trial lawyer in Seminole County, Florida. In 2003, he was appointed to the circuit court in Seminole County. In 2007, his 42 peers on the bench unanimously elected him Chief Judge of the 18th Judicial Circuit. Simmons presided over hundreds of civil, family, and felony criminal cases before returning to private practice with Bryant Miller Olive in 2010. In private practice, he applies a wealth of legal, judicial and real world experience to help parties appreciate the benefits of resolving differences through ADR rather than litigation.

Simmons has mediated hundreds of civil and family law cases, including homeowner association disputes, personal injury cases, labor and employment cases, lien litigation, breach of contract cases, mortgage foreclosures, insurance coverage cases and construction defect cases. He has also served as a court-appointed magistrate (special master) in a number of cases tasked with controlling complex discovery issues. Simmons also serves as an arbitrator in construction litigation and breach of contract matters.

Alan S. Zimmet is certified as a circuit court mediator. He is also board certified in City, County and Local Government, and serves as general counsel for a variety of governmental entities. He has extensive experience with the Chapter 164 governmental dispute resolution process. His litigation and mediation experience includes labor and employment matters, construction disputes, civil rights cases, breach of contract matters, real estate related matters, and various business disputes applicable to governmental entities. He also has served as the hearing officer in a number of pension forfeiture matters.