Grace Dunlap talks with Florida Trend about change and the effects of technology

Bryant Miller Olive’s managing shareholder Grace Dunlap recently shared her thoughts with Florida Trend on how law firms are dealing with change and the effects of technology.

Q: What’s the most challenging aspect of running a law firm today?

A: Maintaining interpersonal relationships between lawyers through face-to-face meetings and discussions. Our hurried existence challenges many aspects of practicing law.

Q: How has the practice of law changed most in the past five to 10 years?

A: There are more and more attorneys and thus more competition for work- there are 12 accredited law schools in Florida alone. Today we see more clients seeking alternative fee structures. Since Bryant Miller Olive opened nearly 50 years ago, we have primarily used either a monthly retainer structure or a fixed flat fee, which benefits clients and increases attorney happiness and retention. The monthly retainer provides predictable billing for both sides. More importantly, our attorneys can focus on quality and collaboration instead of hitting a certain number of hours. Clients truly have access to the varied expertise of our firm’s partners, and associates have a great opportunity to learn and hone their practice.


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